Lemur yoga, because sure let’s add that

There are a lot of variations on the theme of yoga: hot yoga, nature yoga, rage yoga that we mentioned the other day, dog yoga, goat yoga, beer yoga, wine yoga, and so on… And, some of them sound fun and some of them sound totally ridiculous and, look, dunno about you but we’re extremely here for this: British hotel is now offering yoga with lemurs. LEMURS, you guys. It’s called lemoga.

It’s part of Armathwaite Hall, which is now is offering these lemur-filled outdoor classes as part of its “meet the wildlife” wellness activity offerings.

Someone go do this and report back. Please and thanks.


Amazon Prime Day’s yoga and wellness deals

Love it or leave it, there are some pretty great deals to be had on Amazon Prime Day, the day Amazon declared to be their summertime equivalent of Cyber Monday, occurring July 12th. This year, there are plenty of yoga and wellness items worthy of our consideration. Here are our favorites (click the pics to hit Amazon for yourself).

We love this pillow, and miss it when we’re traveling. Once you get used to sleeping on a neck contour pillow, and making your neck and spine super happy all night, all other pillows are worthless pieces of crap, FYI.

Perfect lightweight, basic mat.

Speaking of yoga mats, this one is so dreamy and available in several colors.

Crazy good deal on this anti-burst exercise ball. Hello.

Hot yoga fans, we’re here to help. Ahem.

Plenty of other goodies on sale, too, like natural detergents and earth-friendly reusable food storage baggies. Getchasome.