Must-read Monday: yogis behaving badly, the law of least effort, and getting and keeping yoga students

Oh, SOS: yoga poses for sciatica, why yoga is beneficial for aging, yoga asanas to keep bones healthy, and how yoga is thought to improve immune system function.

yogaWe’re so into this: how to practice the “law of least effort” in your daily life, but also if these mindfulness points can calm a cave diver the fuck down, then they are worth trying. Also look at these benefits of yoga for mental and physical health.

For teachers: strategies to attract more students and the art of getting and keeipng students.

Hi, can you not: The Mendocino County sheriff’s office said a chase ended when the driver crashed into a utility pole and then exited her vehicle and demonstrated yoga poses.


Must-read Monday: upping your game, get your teach on, and maybe try yoga journaling, ok?

Gross but yay: Seriously, how terrible is your yoga mat? Yeah, maybe pretty bad.

Upping the game: steps to get back into your workout routine. Also, a productivity exercise even a yogi can dig. And, a three-minute practice to soothe an anxious mind. And, and, andandand, how to vent without being a toxic shithead, and how to change a victim mindset.

Teacher stuff: five steps to create a kickass yoga flow, how to bring your yoga business into the online world, a meditation on turning your passion into your profession, and when it comes to teacher training, the question is: to travel, or not to travel?

Here’s an idea: try yoga journaling.

Yoga for everyone: prenatal yoga poses to help relieve morning sickness.

Must-Read Monday: alleged crystal theft, and craploads of self-help shit

Extremely important yoga news: California yoga studio accuses Dennis Rodman of stealing a 400-pound amethyst crystal.

Screen Shot 2019-05-13 at 3.42.06 PM.pngGreat, let’s do that: How to be a yoga teacher. How to prepare for the major shit about to go down this week in astrology, and get ready for the Scorpio full moon. The power of micro-steps: take tiny steps forward. Also: Twenty positive tips to be happy now.

This is a thing and we are so glad: How to plant a chaos garden.

Hello, lovahhh: how yoga can help you to reconnect after the honeymoon phase. How to stop hating your body.

Watch this: Netflix documentary “I Am Maris”

Remember this: Westin is starting to incorporate more green into hotel rooms to help you get better sleep. How to make vulnerability your new superpower. How to make your life matter, even if it lacks purpose or direction.

Get this: The best grippy yoga mats. (We heart this cork one.)

Monday Must-Reads: hip openers, getting real with fear, and how to glow

Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 4.20.37 PM.pngOh, heyyyyy: 5 reasons why your boo might make the best yoga partner. (If your boo is your “person,” then you might be way beyond this from the jump.)

This is, no shit, really beautiful: How to glow.

May is Mental Health Month: Transcendental mediation proven effective in PTSD treatment.

Posture clinic: try these hip-openers to help address hip discomfort. Also, five reasons to feel the fear and do difficult poses anyway.

Yeah, I’ve been meaning to redecorate: how to zen-out your home and turn it into a calm af oasis. And, 12 gorgeous Himalayan salt products for your home. (Kinda partial to this one, though because who doesn’t need a beautifully glowing rosebud in the house?)

Nurture your yoga business, too: 10 tips for teaching corporate yoga.


Monday Must-Reads: dreamy outdoor yoga, Game of Thrones actor loves goat yoga, and a really terrible rumor at a Russian prison

Happy Monday, yogis! Here are your must-read yoga links for today:

yoga11.jpgSay yes to this: the world’s dreamiest places for outdoor yoga. 10 ways to relax that don’t involve Netflix or junk food. How to modify common yoga poses if you have shoulder pain. Also loving this “Zen AF” tank.

Hashtag that’s not how it works: Russian prison reinstates yoga classes after temporarily suspending them after claims yoga “makes people gay” (*facepalm*)

That’s more like it: yoga replacing detention at Arizona elementary school. Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner calls goat yoga the best day of her life.

Word, science: to file under “stuff we already know but it’s nice to have this data on the record,” study shows workers who do yoga at work are less stressed. Also: yoga may help ease mood disorders in Parkinson’s patients.

Words to live by:There is more to life than increasing its speed.” – Gandhi








yoga2.jpgYour Monday round-up of stuff to read, watch, consider, taste, and try from around the interwebs today, yogis.

Living the life: there’s a lovely piece on Becoming Minimalist that asks us to mindfully reframe out thinking about what things cost from money to time.

Lookit: documentary about the science of yoga. Speaking of: read this piece about the link between yoga and body satisfaction. The best free yoga videos for March.

No, I love you more: yoga and massage for couples. Also: here are four ways to hack your brain for better sex (the tl;dr: let your freak flag fly.) And, five reasons why your partner is the best yoga partner. And– hear me out– this piece makes a surprisingly good case for tracking your cycle with your partner.

This is a thing: now you can learn Sanskrit with an app called YogaLingo. Also “rage yoga” is a thing that is happening?

And who doesn’t need that? 6 relaxing yoga poses to calm your racing mind, from Finer Minds. Related to that, Purpose Fairy has a good list of 15 meditation benefits for an anxious and active mind.

Teach your yoga: Nobody can teach yoga quite like you, and that’s your super-power, mmmkay?

Show some respect: 4 women in yoga history you should know.

4 Myths About Yoga

As popular as it is, there are still plenty of myths out there about yoga. From a perceived expectation of superhuman flexibility all the way to the rumor that it’s a religion, there are plenty of myths about yoga to dispel. Here is where we’d like to start…

yogaMyth 1: You have to be super-flexible to do yoga. 

Nopenopenope. You don’t have to be anything to do yoga, and a common thing you hear in a yoga class is along the lines of: this is your practice/do what’s comfortable for your body/just notice where you’re at with your practice.

Granted, yoga can help increase flexibility in many, but very few walk in the door flexible, and not everyone is going to be highly flexible in a given yoga class, even people who have practiced for a while. It happens. Flexibility isn’t everyone’s thing. At the end of the day, yoga combines and builds strength, balance and flexibility. Most of us start with one of those leading the way.

Myth 2: There’s only one type of yoga.

This one is often hidden behind the ol’ “tried it once and I don’t like the heated room/wearing all white/how slow it was/how chill it was” line. The truth is, there any many different types of yoga, and within each type, each studio has its own style and feel, and each teacher has their own style. Vinyasa is all about breath and movement working in tandem, power yoga is about strength and cardio, hatha yoga is gentle and slower, iyengar has a focus on alignment, ashtanga is about order and sequence, kundalini is about breath and both mental and physical challenge… and so on. The key is to find the style, studio and teacher that work for you and make you feel comfortable.

Myth 3: Yoga isn’t really a workout; it’s just stretching. 

Try ashtanga or power yoga and see if you don’t get a booty whoopin.’

Myth 4: Yoga is a religion.

Yoga isn’t a religion. Some yoga classes might have spiritual elements, and yoga is largely built on the idea of being kind and compassionate to yourself and others. In fact, it’s accepting of all religions and paths.