Must-read Monday: upping your game, get your teach on, and maybe try yoga journaling, ok?

Gross but yay: Seriously, how terrible is your yoga mat? Yeah, maybe pretty bad.

Upping the game: steps to get back into your workout routine. Also, a productivity exercise even a yogi can dig. And, a three-minute practice to soothe an anxious mind. And, and, andandand, how to vent without being a toxic shithead, and how to change a victim mindset.

Teacher stuff: five steps to create a kickass yoga flow, how to bring your yoga business into the online world, a meditation on turning your passion into your profession, and when it comes to teacher training, the question is: to travel, or not to travel?

Here’s an idea: try yoga journaling.

Yoga for everyone: prenatal yoga poses to help relieve morning sickness.

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