Must-read Monday: building your yoga brand, Gemini season, deals on yoga stuff and the real core work

News you can use: we’re now officially-official affiliate BFFs with Yogavated. Click here and use promo code MUDRA for 20% off on your loot. Boom. Done. Because the only thing better than sweet yoga pants (like these) is sweet yoga pants on sale, yo.

Trippy: tips for Gemini season from the AstroTwins. Video of a yoga flow on a frozen lake.

Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at 12.25.06 AM.pngCore stuff: a good read from a student’s perspective about inner work and crying in yoga class. Five questions to ask yourself in times of uncertainty. How to make a mental health journal. Seven habits that build courage and a better life. How to quiet a busy mind. How to create your own inspiration

Yogi, yogi, yogi: mantras to keep handy af. OMG THIS –> How to build a yoga brand that fits your voice. Essential oils to energize your yoga practice.



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