Monday Must-Reads: hip openers, getting real with fear, and how to glow

Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 4.20.37 PM.pngOh, heyyyyy: 5 reasons why your boo might make the best yoga partner. (If your boo is your “person,” then you might be way beyond this from the jump.)

This is, no shit, really beautiful: How to glow.

May is Mental Health Month: Transcendental mediation proven effective in PTSD treatment.

Posture clinic: try these hip-openers to help address hip discomfort. Also, five reasons to feel the fear and do difficult poses anyway.

Yeah, I’ve been meaning to redecorate: how to zen-out your home and turn it into a calm af oasis. And, 12 gorgeous Himalayan salt products for your home. (Kinda partial to this one, though because who doesn’t need a beautifully glowing rosebud in the house?)

Nurture your yoga business, too: 10 tips for teaching corporate yoga.


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