Yoga mat cleaning spray (also, prepare to be grossed out like whoa)

The fine yoga blog, Yoga Approved, has this recipe for a simple yoga mat cleaner made from essential oils that we tried and like. We added a teensy bit of bergamot and lemon essential oils to their recipe and loved the scent even more. So, there’s that.

But, a particular paragraph in the post’s intro is the most OMG-factor thing on the page, no disrespect intended to the excellent mat spray, but seriously, for real:

In a lab test conducted on several different yoga mats, some of the mats were found to have Staph, yeast build-up (a form of fungus), fecal matter, allergens, and millions of bacteria, to name just a few of the findings.

Sooo, in the spirit of cleaning the hell out of your yoga mat, in addition to the aforementioned great recipe from Yoga Approved that we doctored up, here are a few more now that we’ve completely creeped you out, too: here’s a really beautiful one from The Healthy Maven, this rose-water version from Living Well Mom, MindBodyGreen’s nice eucalyptus one, and this minty one from Avocado Living.


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