Monday Must-Reads: dreamy outdoor yoga, Game of Thrones actor loves goat yoga, and a really terrible rumor at a Russian prison

Happy Monday, yogis! Here are your must-read yoga links for today:

yoga11.jpgSay yes to this: the world’s dreamiest places for outdoor yoga. 10 ways to relax that don’t involve Netflix or junk food. How to modify common yoga poses if you have shoulder pain. Also loving this “Zen AF” tank.

Hashtag that’s not how it works: Russian prison reinstates yoga classes after temporarily suspending them after claims yoga “makes people gay” (*facepalm*)

That’s more like it: yoga replacing detention at Arizona elementary school. Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner calls goat yoga the best day of her life.

Word, science: to file under “stuff we already know but it’s nice to have this data on the record,” study shows workers who do yoga at work are less stressed. Also: yoga may help ease mood disorders in Parkinson’s patients.

Words to live by:There is more to life than increasing its speed.” – Gandhi







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