yoga2.jpgYour Monday round-up of stuff to read, watch, consider, taste, and try from around the interwebs today, yogis.

Living the life: there’s a lovely piece on Becoming Minimalist that asks us to mindfully reframe out thinking about what things cost from money to time.

Lookit: documentary about the science of yoga. Speaking of: read this piece about the link between yoga and body satisfaction. The best free yoga videos for March.

No, I love you more: yoga and massage for couples. Also: here are four ways to hack your brain for better sex (the tl;dr: let your freak flag fly.) And, five reasons why your partner is the best yoga partner. And– hear me out– this piece makes a surprisingly good case for tracking your cycle with your partner.

This is a thing: now you can learn Sanskrit with an app called YogaLingo. Also “rage yoga” is a thing that is happening?

And who doesn’t need that? 6 relaxing yoga poses to calm your racing mind, from Finer Minds. Related to that, Purpose Fairy has a good list of 15 meditation benefits for an anxious and active mind.

Teach your yoga: Nobody can teach yoga quite like you, and that’s your super-power, mmmkay?

Show some respect: 4 women in yoga history you should know.


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