The State of Yoga in America

Did you know that the Yoga in America Study is a thing? It is. Conducted by Yoga Journal and Yoga Alliance, the study reveals interesting insights about the state of yoga in the U.S. Like what, you ask? Well…

  • There are 36.7M US yoga practitioners, up from 20.4M in 2012
  • 33% of yoga practitioners started practicing yoga because of a friend
  • 28% of all Americans have practiced yoga at some point in their lives
  • 90% of Americans have heard of yoga, up from 70% in 2012
  • Yoga practitioners are twice as likely to buy organic food as are non-practitioners
  • 34 percent of Americans say they are somewhat or very likely to practice yoga in the next 12 months – equal to more than 80 million Americans
  • Women represent 72 percent of practitioners; men, 28 percent
  • Practitioners are significantly more involved in many other forms of exercise, such as running, cycling and weightlifting, than non-practitioners
  • 30–49 year olds make up 43 percent of the practicing public, followed by those ages 50+ (38 percent) and 18–29 (19 percent)
  • 58% of yoga practitioners are 40+ (yeah buddy!)
  • Only 8% of yoga practitioners have attended a yoga retreat, 62% are interested in attending one in the future
  • Only 29% of yoga teachers report yoga as their primary source of income (29%??)
  • For every existing yoga teacher, there are 2 more yoga teachers currently in training
  • 74 percent of American practitioners have been doing yoga for five or fewer years
  • 86 percent of practitioners self-report having a strong sense of mental clarity, 73 percent report being physically strong, and 79 percent give back to their communities – all significantly higher rates than among non-practitioners
  • Yoga teachers are twice as likely to donate their time to their community as is the average US adult. 54% of them do

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