Must-read Monday: prison yoga and Jimmy Fallon edition

While the topic of yoga doesn’t yield the volume of news as, say, the 2016 presidential election, there are still plenty of stories out in the world each day that it behoves up to talk about them and keep ourselves in the yoga-know.

Dancing to the jailhouse ohmmm…. A Swedish study says incorporating yoga into prisons has led to calmer prisoners. Writes the NY Post: “Those prisoners who took part in yoga reported increased attention spans along with feeling less antisocial and less impulsive, the scientists said. The inmates also slept better, were less aggressive and were less self-destructive, the study found.” The story went on to share that the prison yoga movement has even earned the nickname “crim yoga” and a YouTube channel.

“It’s Miley!” Miley Cyrus taught Jimmy Fallon ashtanga poses on The Tonight Show. That’s about all we have to say about that. Video after the jump.

Are you looking at my bum, bum-looker? Washington Times ran this piece about a glimpse inside a naked yoga class.

Speaking of looking… behold this gorgeous photo gallery of a Texas yoga-mama breastfeeding her infant while holding yoga poses.

Perhaps a gong wash instead of a school bell? A British education minister said children should be taught Buddhist meditation techniques and yoga in schools to help them “unplug from their online world.”

And that’s your business why? This debate continues after a male business developer writes a LinkedIn screed about why women should not wear yoga pants at work, for any length of time, and basically objectifies and infantilizes the crap outta them.

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