Must-read Monday: yogis behaving badly, the law of least effort, and getting and keeping yoga students

Oh, SOS: yoga poses for sciatica, why yoga is beneficial for aging, yoga asanas to keep bones healthy, and how yoga is thought to improve immune system function.

yogaWe’re so into this: how to practice the “law of least effort” in your daily life, but also if these mindfulness points can calm a cave diver the fuck down, then they are worth trying. Also look at these benefits of yoga for mental and physical health.

For teachers: strategies to attract more students and the art of getting and keeipng students.

Hi, can you not: The Mendocino County sheriff’s office said a chase ended when the driver crashed into a utility pole and then exited her vehicle and demonstrated yoga poses.


Must-read Monday: upping your game, get your teach on, and maybe try yoga journaling, ok?

Gross but yay: Seriously, how terrible is your yoga mat? Yeah, maybe pretty bad.

Upping the game: steps to get back into your workout routine. Also, a productivity exercise even a yogi can dig. And, a three-minute practice to soothe an anxious mind. And, and, andandand, how to vent without being a toxic shithead, and how to change a victim mindset.

Teacher stuff: five steps to create a kickass yoga flow, how to bring your yoga business into the online world, a meditation on turning your passion into your profession, and when it comes to teacher training, the question is: to travel, or not to travel?

Here’s an idea: try yoga journaling.

Yoga for everyone: prenatal yoga poses to help relieve morning sickness.

Must-read Monday: building your yoga brand, Gemini season, deals on yoga stuff and the real core work

News you can use: we’re now officially-official affiliate BFFs with Yogavated. Click here and use promo code MUDRA for 20% off on your loot. Boom. Done. Because the only thing better than sweet yoga pants (like these) is sweet yoga pants on sale, yo.

Trippy: tips for Gemini season from the AstroTwins. Video of a yoga flow on a frozen lake.

Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at 12.25.06 AM.pngCore stuff: a good read from a student’s perspective about inner work and crying in yoga class. Five questions to ask yourself in times of uncertainty. How to make a mental health journal. Seven habits that build courage and a better life. How to quiet a busy mind. How to create your own inspiration

Yogi, yogi, yogi: mantras to keep handy af. OMG THIS –> How to build a yoga brand that fits your voice. Essential oils to energize your yoga practice.



Must-Read Monday: alleged crystal theft, and craploads of self-help shit

Extremely important yoga news: California yoga studio accuses Dennis Rodman of stealing a 400-pound amethyst crystal.

Screen Shot 2019-05-13 at 3.42.06 PM.pngGreat, let’s do that: How to be a yoga teacher. How to prepare for the major shit about to go down this week in astrology, and get ready for the Scorpio full moon. The power of micro-steps: take tiny steps forward. Also: Twenty positive tips to be happy now.

This is a thing and we are so glad: How to plant a chaos garden.

Hello, lovahhh: how yoga can help you to reconnect after the honeymoon phase. How to stop hating your body.

Watch this: Netflix documentary “I Am Maris”

Remember this: Westin is starting to incorporate more green into hotel rooms to help you get better sleep. How to make vulnerability your new superpower. How to make your life matter, even if it lacks purpose or direction.

Get this: The best grippy yoga mats. (We heart this cork one.)

Perfection in yoga and other lies the ego tells us

It was an innocuous-enough question: what breaks your heart about what you do in yoga? And, immediately drew forth one of two frequently frustrating things yogis hear. Both, let’s be clear, are loud and furious statements of fear and disinclination to curiosity, both deeply seated in ego.

Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 6.18.21 PM.png

Perfect: not a word you’re gonna hear a lot in yoga. Like, ever. 

The first one: Yoga’s not for me; I’m not that flexible. My answer is always the same: It has very little to do with flexibility; if you can control at least one of your lungs, there is yoga I can give you.

More on that one in a future post.

The other: I tried yoga once, I wasn’t that good at it. Not my thing. 

This one is never easy to hear because it means, on some level, this person didn’t hear the message that yoga is a practice, and not a perfect. Literally nobody nails it the first time, and the longer you practice, the more you realize there is forever more to learn. Sure, a long and devoted yoga practice can bring change and let practitioners see progress sometimes. But the progress isn’t the point; the practice is.

But this one is hard for people to wrap their heads around. Especially in a culture driven by constant forward momentum with language that supposes only the best will do with phrases like “killed it” or “crushed it” to mean, simply, “did well.”

Yoga is a process, and nobody’s body will do the same every day, as any yoga teacher will say. But to enter a yoga practice with the expectation of perfection almost completely sets up the student for feelings of failure.

As yoga teachers, we can help mitigate some of this, and use language to support newcomers as well as experienced practitioners, language that says it’s not only okay but important to simply be where you are, to extend yourself patience and compassion and trust, and the space to listen to your body and let it be where it is and go where it wants to go.

Ahimsa extends to ourselves on the mat, and allowing and simply noticing without necessarily reacting or forcing can not only build a yoga practice, but can change an entire outlook.



Monday Must-Reads: hip openers, getting real with fear, and how to glow

Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 4.20.37 PM.pngOh, heyyyyy: 5 reasons why your boo might make the best yoga partner. (If your boo is your “person,” then you might be way beyond this from the jump.)

This is, no shit, really beautiful: How to glow.

May is Mental Health Month: Transcendental mediation proven effective in PTSD treatment.

Posture clinic: try these hip-openers to help address hip discomfort. Also, five reasons to feel the fear and do difficult poses anyway.

Yeah, I’ve been meaning to redecorate: how to zen-out your home and turn it into a calm af oasis. And, 12 gorgeous Himalayan salt products for your home. (Kinda partial to this one, though because who doesn’t need a beautifully glowing rosebud in the house?)

Nurture your yoga business, too: 10 tips for teaching corporate yoga.


Lemur yoga, because sure let’s add that

There are a lot of variations on the theme of yoga: hot yoga, nature yoga, rage yoga that we mentioned the other day, dog yoga, goat yoga, beer yoga, wine yoga, and so on… And, some of them sound fun and some of them sound totally ridiculous and, look, dunno about you but we’re extremely here for this: British hotel is now offering yoga with lemurs. LEMURS, you guys. It’s called lemoga.

It’s part of Armathwaite Hall, which is now is offering these lemur-filled outdoor classes as part of its “meet the wildlife” wellness activity offerings.

Someone go do this and report back. Please and thanks.